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The Capability Group is dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance through process alignment. The blueprint we use to help accomplish this task is Six Sigma.

Now, we're not the only ones who can make that claim. But our approach sets us apart. For starters, our client list is small. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Most of our competitors try to impress potential clients by compiling a long list of organizations for which they've worked. However, we think that this type of approach — conventional though it may be — isn't wise at all.

It's a simple but critical fact that no company on the face of the earth can truly internalize the skills and mindset required for outstanding success just because a few executives attend a seminar. Often, a less-than-comprehensive approach actually ends up doing more harm than good.

Forging Long-Term Relationships. This is precisely why our highly skilled team commits to long-term relationships, and why we keep our client list small and focused. Creating significant, powerful change within your company is not a simple process — which is why we absolutely will not teach you a few tools and then hurry off to "help" another client. What we do (in a very small nutshell) is teach tools, coach you on their application, critique your strategy, share best practices, and help you avoid mistakes we have seen others make. Naturally, this process takes time, and requires different skills at each stage.


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