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Commitment to Excellence. At The Capability Group, we fully realize that real change is, well, messy. Real change demands leadership; it identifies and develops leaders within your organization; it requires true participation at all levels; it is cross-functional; and — perhaps most importantly — it is ultimately a unique, ongoing event for each and every company that has the wisdom and intelligence to embrace it.

For all these reasons, our approach is the exact opposite of a cookie-cutter mentality. Granted, we come into any organization with certain "givens": commitment to implementing a solid underlying methodology; proven strategies to align business practices with the market; an unshakeable belief in the crucial importance of data.

Once we begin working with you, however, we're actually doing almost as much learning as we are teaching or coaching. Analyzing an organization's strengths and weaknesses, developing a specific plan and figuring out the best way to implement it in order to help ensure optimal success in the long term — these aren't tasks that can be accomplished from a podium. We need to become, in a very real sense, your colleagues. We will leave soon enough, of course.

And that is part of what makes our approach to Six Sigma so powerful and enduring. People come and go in an organization, as do different products and technologies. Ultimately, we — and our clients — are process-focused, because it's processes that are the lasting, most crucial elements of any firm. Processes cause an organization to thrive, or dive, and yet they are also often the most misunderstood, under-invested, and underutilized assets it has.

That’s where, and why, we come in. We’re not consultants who develop an abstract plan, or leave you with inadequate project implementation. We do what it takes — whatever it takes — to identify the appropriate strategies for improvement, and then help to put them in place.

(Well, that just about covers it: we don't want to start preaching.)


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