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Six Sigma. Six Sigma is more than a set of tools. When applied properly it becomes a strategy to generate tremendous business value.

The bottom line is, as you would expect, an increased bottom line — beginning in the relatively short-term, and continuing indefinitely. Six Sigma contains a simple problem-solving methodology and a set of process alignment tools. These elements work together to create the framework necessary for cross-functional process improvements. The Capability Group then adds additional diagnostic, simulation, and design tools to create a shared toolkit that is:

   • qualitative and quantitative
   • creative and rigorous
   • established and cutting edge

Some of the specific benefits to our clients include:

Focus. Significant, positive change becomes possible when business problems are identified and prioritized. But a prioritized problem is often not easily solved. Problems must be broken down into manageable, solvable pieces that can be owned and executed at the operating team level. Out of that exercise, the critical pieces of the problem are singled out for intense scrutiny by the project teams. Of course, implementing change necessitates that a company make the essential supporting investments; project teams must be staffed with people who are trained in problem-solving methodologies and who can easily communicate across functional and organizational boundaries.

Communication. Creating a common language is the first step to enabling change. Shared tools and problem-solving strategies create a common language throughout the organization and facilitate cross-functional and cross-organizational understanding and cooperation. Team members from Marketing, Finance, Shipping, and Information Technology can leverage their functional expertise, while more easily communicating issues and solutions. Your Finance group in Hong Kong realizes it's not so different from the Marketing group in Rome. Projects with suppliers and partners are possible. Benchmarking becomes second nature.

Alignment. When focus and communication have been established, an organization starts problem-solving. It begins with small functional projects, and then progresses to larger, cross-organizational issues. This builds skills, trust, and expertise — while drastically reducing rework, complaints, and employee turnover. The organization begins to execute flawlessly — the first time, every time.

Speed. Flawless execution requires accurate information. When your people have the right information, they can make the right decisions… quickly! The effects are both rewarding and impressive.

Results. When your processes are well-designed:
   • getting permission is not necessary
   • tracking late shipments is not necessary
   • researching old transactions is not necessary
   • soothing irate customers is not necessary
   • your company reaps a host of benefits


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